last updates in github repo

level/ templates:

* homemade level-map from googlemap
* welmister background, collision
* layer entities -- change zIndex then call sortentitiesdefer
* images - transparency
* get new font color and size/bold - impact tool
* camera follow player center
* states - menu/credits/game/game_over
* timer for bonus
* text fading and flashing use alpha
* health bars
* scores and resources
* countdown wins
* level advancement by timmer and replays
* clickable button for upgrades, restartgame


* options for classes and bonuses
* different animation sprites
* in range detect closest monsters
* mouse click for movement and targets
* movement facing directions


* homemade tower spritesheet from photoshop
* change animation when clicked
* clickable entity change the display information on the buttons
* on collision minus health with monster


* change animation when clicked
* built collision using distance to player
* play sound when attack


* bullets fly spawn entity
* sound
* rotate/flip
* kill() on collision with monster, set moving ignore map collision

mouse:(not implemented)

* hide mouse cursor
* change mouse display on clickable stuff? ----- not done draw mouse
* clicked target circle spawn? then kill after 1 second? ----- not done

scoreboard:(not implemented)

* create .min.js file -- use the tool script
* hosting - no src files: imact and welmister